Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Matryoshka - Nesting Dolls Birth Announcement

My children LOVE this birth announcement.  When I put together the first prototype they all asked if they could have their own.  Extras were made and they are loved!  These are sooo simple; they would make a great activity for children.

Keeping the tutorial short...

Cut the dolls and circle faces out of cardstock using one of these files:

   Hand Cutting PDF (I recommend printing directly onto pretty paper)

Draw faces on the circles and glue them to the corresponding dolls.

Glue the dolls onto paper, biggest to smallest, making sure to only glue the sides of Mama Doll's lower body to make a pocket.

Attach Mama Doll's upper body with a brad.

Put Double-Sided Removable Scrapbooking Tape on the back of Baby and slide into Mama's pocket (do not remove the backing of the tape).

Simple and Beautiful, your finished!

Yup... you've counted right. She's our fifth. And she's absolutely wonderful!

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